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SendScore App by Raveendran

Hi All,

With World Cup Cricket is going on around, hope every cricket lovers who works in office keep buzzing internet to have the updated score. It could be better, if you have the scores on your mobile with configurable time intervals without spending a penny from your pocket. We(India) have lot of mobile message service provider. SendScore Application is working fine who have an account in either Indyarocks( or else in 160by2( and one who have internet connection. It can be downloaded by clicking here.  You only had to do a few things to get the score on your mobile. Application is well enough understandable.  Credit goes to Raveendran and who is coming up with applications that are handy. He promises to come up with few other application and some enhancements to SendScore App as well.

Raveendran’s blog can be followed on


Muthuselvan N


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Nice Journey

I went for marriage function of Vijayakumar on June 16th 2010 by Anantpuri Express. Marriage function went fine as like it is a political meeting presided by KKSSR. A musical troop praised Karunanidhi and their son more than the couples. If you guys would like to hear on the tunes of the troop praising the couples…you can reach ramkumar. After marriage, I thought of going back to rajapalayam and waited for bus @ Vembakottai. On college days, myself and Senthil will wait for Tamarai bus a long time there. Finally the bus for Rajapalayam came. On way back to rajapalayam, i passed through Alangulam, where I was born and brought up. It was a great feeling to pass through the places where I had my feet all over. But I could see peoples flooding on the Sankareswari Tea Stall @ alangulam. Maybe it could be for vadai with sambhar and chutney. But I could not spot any known faces there. Almost most of them working at Alangulam Tamilnadu Cements were retired. It was a great feeling to see the chimney of TamilNadu Cement factory which is pulling out the dust all times. The bus went through Keelarajakularaman and a childhood remembrance came to light. When doing 7th standard, my schoolmate Selvakumar S invited our schoolmates for a match with their native team. We travelled all through 7 km in bicycle. Atlast he fixed the stump @ ploughed land and return back with frustration. The bus passed through then Ayyanarpuram. When doing 10th standard while going to Rajapalayam, the bus was stopped at Ayyanapuram due to riot. I was gone to look what was happening there. As the police entered the scene, riots burst out. I had no choice other than running out of the spot. I along with my computer teaching staff, Senthilkumar was then running in fire with the fear that there should no attack on us. Everyone is running out of the spot. As the bus i was travelled return back and those who travelled inform my mom that i am missing, she started crying and gathered a gang between. I catched a bus atlast and reached rajapalayam and called home to inform I am safe. I was questioned and also scolded my many of my mom’s friend for being careless. When the bus crossed over Rajapalayam SBI stop, I find Manimekalai madam(my English madam) was walking aside. She was working in my school till i left out of it. I had a great schooling. I could name all my staff even now. But i dont really remember the names of all the staff who take my engineering subjects. Finally i booked ticket @ parveen travels. On the whole it was a nice journey figuring out the past things.

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Why use equals() to compare strings in Java

Hi All,

Many might aware of the reason to use equals() method in Java string comparison. Let me summarize the reason behind using it. I once tried to write a simple java program to compare both strings in java using double equals operator(==). I assigned value to the first variable as “Hello” and to the next variable i assigned the value as like “Hel” + “lo”. I then compared both the variable using double equals operator(==). As everyone expects, I too think that it goes through the equals condition. But it went to non-equal condition loop. I went on to search for the reason with google. Let me write the code snippet of it

String firstName = “Mahesh” ;
String lastName = “Mah”+”esh” ;
if(firstName==lastName) {
else {
System.out.println(“Not Equals”);

OUTPUT: Not Equals

The reason behind failing of String comparison using double equals operator is it looks for the reference value. Hence for string comparison you should use only equals() or equalsIgnoreCase()

Thanks for reading,
Muthuselvan N

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Search unmodified files list over a period of time in Linux

Hi All,
Recently I went through an article about linux. I was searching for an information to get the files that were not modified for certain number of days. Most often i used to do every action through command line. Unfortunately i was not able to find the command for such task in Windows. I turned my attention towards linux if that can be possible to list out all the files that are not modified under a folder for certain days. I had a long time interest to learn Linux always. Recently I requested for a Free CD from Ubuntu and i received Ubuntu 9.10 CD. I installed linux on my personal laptop. On going through various blogs, finally i was able to search for files not modified for specific days. Here is the following command

find /home/enpysoft/npselvan -type f -atime +10 -exec ls -ultr {} \;

Where /home/enpysoft/npselvan is the file path and 10 refers to the number of days. If anyone knows a command to do the same in Windows operating system, reply here.

Thanks in Advance.

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Where do i aiming at ?

Hi all,

After a very long time blogging here. Between I had been blogging my Tamil blog. I had been going through some goals in uncertain. A question hits on my mind, if I am going in the right path. To be honest, I don’t think that my mind is set on a target correctly. Its time to make clear of certain things before moving somewhere. As i blogged in my previous post, I set my vision on some open source programming language. With that i started learning Ruby and stopped in the middle. I am now clear in my mind, Java with some back end programming skill is far enough to reach heights. I started learning back-end database programming languages PL/SQL and SQL as of now. I am sure if i started learning these from an ebook or from text book, my learning on PL/SQL will be wind up in earlier. I hope doing a mini project will help me. I wish to keep my programming languages knowledge to be extended than what i have now. It’s a late call already. But I hope i could do whatever as long as i been backed by someone. I shared with my parents that i am lagged these days in learning. Finally they said, they have a confidence on me. These words they used to tell me while i was searching for a job. As they have confidence on me, Why should I not have confidence on me ? I been in Bangalore for a couple of days. Now i am sharing the room with my college-mates. They are actually bidding some projects on ColdFusion and doing projects. They are not earning a lot now-a-days but set their thoughts and goals on high. They are not looking for career change in an overnight. So what i am missing over them… sure i was missed out with planning. So i should go on for planning and set the goal.

Comments are welcomed…!

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If cultivation stopped everywhere….what we do?

Hi all,

This blog is non technical. As everyone knows, Indian irrigation land is turning down to real estate plots. I happens to go Ponmar, Chennai almost an year ago. Of course the road towards ponmar was damaged a lot and you could not feel smooth travel due to pits in road. Almost the layout of Ponmar looks like a village. You could also few hoardings in and around in chennai motivating investment on lands in Ponmar. I had seen few billboards saying ‘Today’s Ponmar = Tomorrow’s Velachery’. I do remember that when i came chennai for job search, everyone was told that I am going to be out of the city as i was stayed at velachery. But nowadays Velachery seems to be hot spot in Chennai. In Ponmar, almost every land seems to be with no cultivation. I had a talk with one old lady who is residing there. She said that they used to do cultivation on the land a decade back and once the IT building around OMR(IT Express highway) stands up, the broker started targetting Ponmar as there is a way to connect OMR easily. Once the brokers approached the land owners with good offers, they stopped doing cultivation and started selling their land with attractive rates and almost the land owners never expected such return as they could not get such amount even if they do cultivation for the life time. She also asked me that if i do look for some plots around there. I said no and asked for a cup of water. She then ran a motor and asked me to drink the bore water. I was really happy to have the water as it was pure and tasty too and you can’t get such water in Chennai city. There was also many mineral water plant there in Ponmar. Just imagine when everyone stopped doing irrigation, what we do ? We had no option other than importing food materials from other country. Why not government should take steps to motivate irrigation. Though government do few things like supplying free electricity and cancelling the irrigation loan amount, why not government can induct employees to do irrigation. Of course there are some agriculture students who might be jobless. Hope doing so, will let more employment. To be more frank, Government is investing more on TASMAC wineshop. More and more government revenues are through wine shop and so they stopped private sector entering into such domains. Also I personally feel, the politicians who are contesting for the constitutions should gather altogether in a stage and have open discussion with public like in US. In fact i wish to do irrigation after my fifties when my generation stands on their own earnings. Just a thought.

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i love programming on Linux

Hi all,

I had been working with Windows operating system since i started working on with computer. In fact i remember, my father bought me a Desktop while I was doing third year engineering. The machine was only 20GB hard disk with Pentium III processor with minimum configuration and it was preloaded with Red Hat Linux OS and Windows XP. On my college days, there was a guy who had enough stuff with almost 5 programming knowledge and he can do any kind of task in that programming languages. Depends on his requirement, he had to switch over between Linux and Windows Operating System. He had only Pentium II processor machine with less than 20GB hard disk. So he format the hard disk on the over night and switch over the Operating System. I used to work with Linux only while playing games that installed with Red Hat Linux. I never tried doing some programming experience in Linux. I also never used Linux operating system while doing college too. After my graduation, I used to do read some computer stuff magazines and read about Linux and their security features. I then had a honor for Linux operating system. After i got placed in a concern, i was provided with Windows XP machine only and one of my colleague was working with Linux. I wish to install the Linux operating system on my personal laptop. Finally almost after 3 years, i decided to install the Linux operating system and trying to learn it. I was suggested by everyone to try with Kubuntu Linux operating system. So i thought of downloading from the website. Suddenly i happens to notice an option ‘Request for Live CD’ and i register there with my residential address. After almost 15 days, kubuntu operating system installation disk was mailed through post to my address. I installed Kubuntu on overnight. Now, I feel good working with Linux operating system rather than Windows. I frustrate a lot working on with Windows Vista. It is popping out either to Continue/Cancel for launching every application. I got this pop up even after registering that the application is a trusted one and provided with full permission in UAC. Coming back to linux, you have to quit give up some GUI based experience of Windows and they are trying to cover up in GUI domain too. I am experiencing my long time wish of doing programming in Linux and i am improving myself in Linux command nowadays.  Often disturbing one for my learning exposure in Linux and that is none other than Google. Open Source technology is flashing in my mind and i am trying to install RoR(Ruby on Rails) on Linux. I love learning Linux.

Comments are welcomed …!

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Motivation to Open source technology

Hi All,

After a long gap am writing here and dropped here to write about open source technology in IT domain and my recent interest on it. In this competitive IT domain, many of them started looking for open source technology to sustain in the market. In recent days many open source technologies are dominating the market. I am a frequent browser and i happens to come across many PHP sites. I do thought of learning PHP a long time back itself. But the thoughts never turned in to action. Also i never had time to upgrade myself in the technology with advanced concepts. Recently I had a chance to learn PHP. I was trying to install WAMP(Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server by myself and i was not able to done with the installation. I have to thank William Richerd, who helped me with installation and explaining me about configuring files on installation and their purpose. Also my thanks extend to Peppin Shaaju, who explained me with basic things. It is really amazing to have such a tutor. I never missed concentration while he was teaching me the basic concepts. I do wish to try my vision on some other open source technology too. I had a lust to learn RoR(Ruby on Rails) and i wish to write on a seperate blog about Ruby on Rails and my learning experience. You can follow me there on and i wish to update with my learning experience on RoR.

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